This is an informational and fun learning site for all things related to cats, big or small. I am a feline-only veterinarian and have been in practice for 16 years. I share my life with my fabulous significant other, Daved, and 6 furry feline friends. We also find room for 3 pet ducks, a large variety of fish, and even some turtles and frogs.

My true passion in life, besides cats, is to live responsibly with a light footprint. I firmly believe that many chronic diseases, in both humans and animals, are related to poor nutrition. Two of my primary interests in veterinary medicine are chronic kidney disease and feline nutrition. I practice integrative medicine. This means I try to reach for drugs last and also try to avoid surgery in lieu of other options when available. 

My goal at The Cat Tree is to empower you to take care of your cat as optimally as you can, thus, avoiding the veterinarian and adding years of happiness to your relationship. Thank you for visiting!

Dr. Tara Koble

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